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ZSNES ZST Save State Hacking Guide for "Secret of Evermore"
Written & Researched by Ragnarosen (
"Secret of Evermore" and all related indicia are registered trademarks of
	Square USA. (This was the only game the USA team made...)
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	To alter the statistics of your characters through hacking into 
your Save State (*.ZST, *.ZS1 - *.ZS9) files, you'll need to get a hex
editor. Try "Hex Workshop" from or "UltraEdit" from and open the SOE *.ZST files you wish to
work with.


Those new to hex and hex editors can read the following:
  - Typical hex editors display a file with "offsets" on the left of the
screen, "hex values" in the middle, and the "printed garbage" on the right
of the screen.
  - Offsets are the addresses. It may appear like this: 00000000
  - Hex values are the values. They may appear like this: E6 03 20 20 FF
  - The printed garbage is there only so humans can look at it. It's not
very pretty; it won't help you in most cases; don't worry about it.
  - This guide will represent the offsets in this format: #B9
  - The last number (0-9, A-F) in an offset is the COLUMN you need to go
to. So for the offset of #B9, go to the line "000000B0" and the 9th column
to the right.


  - For the different offsets, here's a Quick List of the most commonly
used values:  

"63"		for "99"	used for levels, item quantities
"FF"		for "255"	used for statistics
"E7 03"		for "999"	used for HP, Max HP, statistics
"0F 27"		for "9999"	used for HP, Max HP
"FF FF"		for "65535"	used for HP, Max HP
"7F 96 98"	for "9,999,999"	used for money or experience


NOTE: For the two- or three-column HEX VALUES ("E7 03"), the numbers must
be entered "backward" as shown above to work properly.
    - When saving large numbers to computer language, the order of the hex
values are reversed.  If you open Windows Calculator and enter "999" in
decimal form and convert it to hexedicimal form, it will show "3E7" (note
that Calculator will remove any leading zeros).  To use this multi-column
hex value, add any necessary leading zeros (in this case, in front of the
"3") to make even pairs ("03 E7").  Put the number pairs in reverse order
("E7 03") in the SOE *.ZST files.
    - THIS DOES NOT MEAN TO REVERSE THE VALUES!  "03 E7" must be entered
as "E7 03", not "30 7E"!  For the basic rule of thumb, number pairs are
entered like this: #2 #1 (or #3 #2 #1 for very large numbers)



Man's Maximum HP: 1649, 1648
Man's Attack: 1653, 1652
Man's Defense: 1655, 1654
Man's Magic Defense: 1657, 1656
Man's Evade%: 1659, 1658
Man's Hit%: 165B, 165A
Man's Experience: 165E, 165D, 165C
Man's Level: 1663

Dog's Maximum HP: 1693, 1692
Dog's Attack: 169D, 169C
Dog's Defense: 169F, 169E
Dog's Magic Defense: 16A1, 16A0
Dog's Evade%: 16A3, 16A2
Dog's Hit%: 16A5, 16A4
Dog's Experience: 16A8, 16A7, 16A6
Dog's Level: 16AD

Man's Name: 2E23-2E46
Dog's Name: 2E47-2E6B

Man's Current HP: 5AC7, 5AC6
Dog's Current HP: 5B75, 5B74


Wax: 2F12
Water: 2F13
Vinegar: 2F14
Root: 2F15
Oil: 2F16
Mushroom: 2F17
Mud Pepper: 2F18
Meteorite: 2F19
Limestone: 2F1A
Iron: 2F1B
Gunpowder: 2F1C
Grease: 2F1D
Feather: 2F1E
Ethanol: 2F1F
Dry Ice: 2F20
Crystal: 2F21
Clay: 2F22
Brimstone: 2F23
Bone: 2F24
Atlas Amulet: 2F25
Ash: 2F26
Acorn: 2F27

Petals: 2F28
Nectar: 2F29
Honey: 2F2A
Dog Biscuit: 2F2B
Wings: 2F2C
Essence: 2F2D
Pixie Dust: 2F2E
Call Bead: 2F2F

Grass Vest: 2F30
Shell Plate: 2F31
Dino Skin: 2F32
Bronze Armor: 2F33
Stone Vest: 2F34
Centurion Cape: 2F35
Silver Mail: 2F36
Gold-Plated Vest: 2F37
Shining Armor: 2F38
Magna Mail: 2F39
Titanium Vest: 2F3A
Virtual Vest: 2F3B

Grass Hat: 2F3C
Shell Hat: 2F3D
Dino Helm: 2F3E
Bronze Helmet: 2F3F
Obsidian Helm: 2F40
Centurion Helm: 2F41
Titan's Crown: 2F42
Dragon Helm: 2F43
Knight's Helm: 2F44
Lightning Helm: 2F45
Old Reliable: 2F46
Brainstorm: 2F47

Vine Bracelet: 2F48
Mammoth Guard: 2F49
Claw Guard: 2F4A
Serpent Bracer: 2F4B
Bronze Gauntlet: 2F4C
Gloves of Ra: 2F4D
Iron Bracer: 2F4E
Magician's Ring: 2F4F
Dragon's Claw: 2F50
Cyberglove: 2F51
Protector Ring: 2F52
Virtual Glove: 2F53

Leather Collar: 2F54
Spiky Collar: 2F55
Defender Collar: 2F56
Spot's Collar: 2F57

Thunder Ball: 2F58
Particle Bomb: 2F59
Cryo-Blast: 2F5A

Annihilation Amulet: 312B, 312A
Bead: 312D, 312C
Ceramic Pot: 312F, 312E
Chicken: 3131, 3130
Golden Jackal: 3133, 3132
Jeweled Scarab: 3135, 3134
Limestone Tablet: 3137, 3136
Perfume: 3139, 3138
Rice: 313B, 313A
Spice: 313D, 313C
Spoon: 313F, 313E
Tapestry: 3141, 3140
Ticket For Exhibition: 3143, 3142


$Talons: 16DB, 16DA, 16D9
$Jewels: 16DE, 16DD, 16DC
$Gold Coins: 16E1, 16E0, 16DF
$Credits: 16E4, 16E3, 16E2



All of the hardworking people at Square USA who created the Evermore
	Fantasy World, especially Jeremy Soule (because the music ROCKS!)
GameFAQs, for posting this and other video game hacking guides I made
Simon Hill, author of Prima Publishing's Official SOE Strategy Guide



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