Site and Contact Information

I'm a long-time fan of Secret of Evermore, classic RPGs from the mid-nineties, and video games in general.  My goal is to provide a central resource for players to enhance their gameplay through the use of walkthroughs, FAQs, maps, and information; to explore the artwork and music of both the original game and fan creations; and finally, to act as the central hub for Secret of Evermore sites around the net and to provide gamers direction in obtaining their own copy of the game.  Original material will be added alongside external references.  Guests are welcome to submit their original work for consideration to be posted (with proper credits given).

The banner, original artwork, and screenshots are intended only with respect to help convey the game's ambience and provide an atmosphere that fans will enjoy.  As for any other uploaded articles and media, I've either sought permission from the authors directly or the source itself grants permission.  If there are any concerns, please notify me.

Also, please direct all users submissions, questions, comments, and insults to  Thank you =)