Secret of Evermore Toaster Dog

Man's best friend now makes breakfast!  But don't let his cute demeanor fool you.  Upon arriving in Omnitopia, your canine companion transforms into this hovering, laser-beam-shooting juggernaut of death.  He also barks when the toast is done.

Original Artwork by Fanafox at DeviantART

This is one of several dog transformations, though is by far the fastest, most powerful, and most hunger-inducing.  I'm starting to crave a delicious piece of toast just talking about it.  Unfortunately, not all of us have a toaster dog on-hand, so here are some resources for making toast, some tasty recipes, and a little Toast 101.

Super-Advanced Toasters on Amazon

Step-by-step How to Make Toast

Toasting Methods from Wikipedia

Recipe: Fluffy French Toast

Recipe: Cinnamon Toast

Get your toast on! Figure 1: A standard toaster. Figure 2: Bread before and after it is toasted. Figure 3: A piece of toast.