Secret of Evermore Music, Videos, and Artwork

Remixes and Arrangements - Free MP3 Downloads

Five excellent remixes can be played or downloaded from here as free MP3s (courtesy of OverClocked ReMix (

The soundtrack for Secret of Evermore was composed by Jeremy Soule not long after he graduated high school.  When Square received Soule's portfolio of how he felt video game music ought to be, their eyes nearly popped out of their heads.  He began work at Square's Seattle location only two weeks later.  Since then he has produced soundtracks for many A-list titles, including Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, Knights of the Old Republic, Skyrim, and many others.

Original Artwork

A comprehensive collection of original artwork, box art, and promotionals.  These high-quality scans (about 50) were provided by icysugarspike, whose site also hosts galleries for several other SquareSoft games.  Please enjoy =)

Retro SOE Commercial

This old-school Secret of Evermore commerical is a bit cheesy by today's standards, but was pretty cool back in the day:

User submissions for artwork and musical arrangements are always welcome. Please direct all requests to