Secret of Evermore Secrets, Tips, and Cheats

User submissions are always welcome (with proper credits given).  Please let me know if there are any inaccuracies.

Unlimited Call Beads

Near the front gate of Nobilia where two guards are standing, there's a spot near the wall and the fountain where you can pick up a call bead.  If you continue pressing the action button it'll let you pick up as many as you want.

Hidden Boss in Omnitopia

The evil face in the wall that made its appearance in Antiqua can be fought in Omnitopia.  Go to the room that lets you turn lights on and off and locate the panel prompting you to enter three numbers (1, 2, or 3) in combination (there are up to 27).  Try different combos until it works, then a door will unlock leading to the secret boss.

The Atlas Glitch (Infinite Attack Power)

Once you get the Atlas formula in Nobilia, level it up to where it more than doubles your attack, save the game, then reload.  When the Atlas effect wears off your attack power decreases below its normal value.  In this case, the resultant negative attack power wraps around 0 to a very large number (about 65,000).  Each attack you make thereafter (under 100% stamina; it's just a quirk) will deal 999 damage.  CAUTION: This applies to other spells too.  Saving while spells are active then quitting the game is discouraged, as the spell (but not its boost) will still be active when you reload, resulting in permanently lowered stats.  Wait until the effects wear off before saving and quitting (mainly an issue if you're playing a console version).

Death by Chickens

Don't taunt the chickens in Nobilia.  No, really.  They're mean.  Agitate one enough and you may get a nasty surprise.  If you live, see what happens when you pester a goat.  Watch the following for a stark realization from the world of philosophers and chickens...

Infinite Run Stamina

While in any hostile area, if you charge a weapon to level 3 then start running, you can keep going forever.

Hidden Ending Scene

After beating the game, wait for a few minutes after the words "The End" appear.

The Magic Gourd

This rare item is widely considered to have either unknown or ineffectual properties.  Mysteriously, a forum posting on GameFAQs by one of Evermore's developers stated that no one even remembers what it was supposed to do.  The Magic Gourd can be bought from a merchant in the northwest corner of Nobilia's marketplace by trading a Chocobo Egg, or by visiting the Mad Swindler Monk in Crustacia's northeast cave (if you have a Chocobo Egg, Wizard's Coin, and no Amulets of Annihilation) and purchasing an Amulet of Annihilation for 10,000 jewels -- the gourd comes as a free gift.  If the Chocobo Egg isn't already in your inventory, the monk gives you that instead.  Since Chocobo Eggs can also be bought in Ivor Tower's back alley and randomly found in Ceramic Pots purchased from Nobilia, it should be straightforward obtaining both the gourd and the egg.

The Wizard's Coin

A charm that raises magic defense.  The Wizard's Coin can be obtained as a gift from the Mad Swindler Monk in Crustacia if you're already in possession of a Chocobo Egg (but have neither a Magic Gourd nor any Amulets of Annihilation) when purchasing an amulet for 10,000 jewels.  It can also be found in Gothica by rescuing the oglin from the well, then tracking him down in the Dark Forest's northeast corner (if you don't yet have a Thug's Cloak, else you'll receive that; if you already have both he'll give you 1000 gold coins).  Completionists can be assured that it's always possible to obtain the Wizard's Coin, Magic Gourd, and Chocobo Egg (courtesy of the Mad Monk).

Skipping the Intro

After entering your character's name, the intro can be skipped by pressing Start (this works as long as you have a pre-existing save).