Secret of Evermore FAQs and Walkthroughs

Speed Run Guide

                Secret of Evermore Speed Walkthrough v1.1

by minorgroove (on gamefaqs)
email me: theminorgroove at

The purpose of this walkthrough is to provide tips and strategies for
a speedy completion of Secret of Evermore (c) Squaresoft 1995. 
My first play must have taken weeks to finish, as I would lose time 
gaining levels on spells and weapons. There are few specials or secrets
and the plot is no different whether you get any of them. To spare those
who have not played SOE before, I try and omit most of the plot details 
to make this as spoiler free as possible.

The two major time consumers in SOE are gaining levels for weapons and 
spells and aimless wandering. I suggest 2 spots for gaining weapon levels,
and any EXP and money can be gotten there in those time frames. Otherwise,
just ignore most enemies, as bosses provide plenty of EXP and money to 
level up and purchase everything you need. As for the wandering, I try to
provide clear instructions of where to go and what to do.

There is a lot of text in SOE. It is not necessary to talk to most of
the people in a town, as they are not plot critical. This should go
without saying. Spots where you need to talk to people to get formulas,
secret items, etc are detailed, as well as where to go.

In general, a faster game means lower levels which in turn mean longer 
boss battles. This seems paradoxical, though this does not add serious 
amounts to time. It only means that you have to be careful not to let
your HP get too low, as things tend to damage more.

I imagine most players are playing this on emulator. I had no problem
beating this game on console, though it is obviously much easier using
save states. Just in case, I indicate a few specific spots to save when 
there is a troublesome battle coming up.

For any other detailed information about SOE, alchemy, market place,
or monster statistics, there are several other good guides on Gamefaqs.

If there are any questions or you notice inaccuracies in this guide, 
send me a quick note.

The Controls
Weapon Levels
Boss Fights
Section 1: Lab
Section 2: Prehistoria
  Crash Site
    Boss Fight: Raptors
  Fire Eyes Village
  Quicksand Fields
    Boss Fight: Thraxx
  Quicksand Fields 2
  Fire Eyes Village 2
  Mammoth Graveyard
    Boss Fight: Vipers
  Level up Horn Spear and Dog Attack
  Volcano Crater Area
  Swamp Area
    Boss Fight: Salabog
  Volcano Pipes
    Boss Fight: Magmar
Section 3: Antiquia
    Boss Fight: Vigor
  Desert 2
  Crustacia 2-Horace's Camp
  Quick Last Minute Levels
  Great Pyramid
    Boss Fight: Rimsala
  Hall of Colossia
    Boss Fight: Megataur
    Boss Fights: Aegis
  Nobilia 2
  Crustacia-Undiscovered Territory
    Boss Fight: Aquagoth
Section 4: Gothica
  Ivor Tower South
  Ivor Tower
  Ivor Tower Castle
  Ivor Tower Prison-Sewers
  Ivor Tower Castle 2
  Chess Maze
    Boss Fight: Footknight
  Dark Forest
    Boss Fight: Shape Lifter
    Boss Fight: Timberdrake
  Ebon Keep Sewers
  Ebon Keep
    Boss Fight: Verminator
  Gomi's Tower
    Boss Fight: Sterling
  Ivor Tower Castle 3
    Boss Fight: Mungola
  Ebon Keep 2
Section 5: Rocket Parts
  Nobilia 3
  Fire Eyes Village 3
  Bugmuck 2
    Boss Fight: Coleoptera
  Volcano Crater Area 2
Section 6: Omnitopia
  Omnitopia-Chess Maze
  Final Preparations
    Boss Fight: Final


The Controls

  A       - hold to run (after getting Jaguar Tooth Ring)
  B       - attack, talk, select; hold to charge attack (weapons must be
            level 2 or 3)
  Y       - open menu, cancel
  X       - open menu of non-selected character
  L/R     - dog will sniff for ingredients
  Select  - switch between boy and dog
  Start   - pause

World Layout

The game takes place spread across four regions of Evermore: Prehistoria,
a primal jungle world, Antiquia, an ancient Rome, Greece and Egypt themed
land, Gothica, a medieval world, and Omnitopia, a space station. Sections
in the walkthrough will be labeled by region.

Weapon Levels

Weapons gain levels as you defeat more enemies with each weapon, and
this permits you to make special attacks by 'charging up'. It is not 
necessary to level up all weapons, as most of them will not get much 
use outside of the few requisite purposes. Here are all of the weapons 
of Secret of Evermore and the recommended level:

  Bone Crusher    - level 1, you start with this; it is the only weapon 
                      that does not cut through brush
  Spiders Claw    - level 1, axe, needed to chop through brush until you
                      get Horned Spear
  Horn Spear      - level 3, level up before fighting Salabog in the swamp
  Gladiator Sword - level 1, not used
  Bronze Axe      - level 1, needed to bash down stone walls in Antiquia
  Bronze Spear    - level 1, needed to hit the switch in the Great Hall
  Crusader Sword  - level 1, not used
  Lance           - level 1, not used
  Knight Basher   - level 1, needed to break down reinforced barriers in
                      Ebon Keep Sewers and Gomi's Tower
  Neutron Blade   - level 1, not used
  Atom Smasher    - level 1, not used
  Laser Lance     - level 1, not used

As you can see, you will be very attached to the Horn Spear. The charged
attack from the Level 3 Horn Spear can do 100-200 damage, which is plenty
for most of the game.

The dog attack stays the same level throughout the game. That is, if you
level up the dog attack to Level 3 at the beginning, it will stay that
level for the rest of the game. This is good because the Level 3 dog attack
is generally much stronger than most of the hero's attacks, especially
in the Robot Dog form.

As you will primarily be controlling the boy (except where specified
otherwise) you can set the default charge for the dog in the [ACT.] menu,
that is, so the dog is always charging to Level 3 before attacking.


Throughout the game you will find various items, equipment, and ingredients
in pots, jars, chests, and on the field. Items and equipment will be 
listed in the section that you find them. This is not meant to be 
comprehensive, as many of the items are not needed.

Some maps have large collections of treasure for the taking. I suggest
taking all of it, as it is pointless to specify getting only one chest when
another one is right next to it.

I usually make note of healing items, as they tend to be used very quickly
when you are rushing through the bosses.

Here is a list of items:

Petal       - restores 40 HP (50 with Moxa Stick)
Nectar      - restores 120 HP (150 with Moxa Stick)
Honey       - restores 300 HP (375 with Moxa Stick)
Essence     - also sometimes called Herbal Essence, cures Poison, Confound
              and Plague; the effect is the same as the Cure formula.
Pixie Dust  - revives you once to 76 HP after you die; the effect is the
              same as Horace's Regenerate magic
Call Bead   - casts a spell from Fire Eyes, Horace, Camellia, or Sidney
Dog Biscuit - also called "Biscuit", revives the dog to 100 HP
Wings       - escapes to the entrance of a dungeon or maze


Like the weapons, there are three sets of armor for each region. That is,
across four regions, there are 12 of each armors, helmets and gauntlets 
in the whole game. As the armors only provide defense and have no special 
properties, there is never a reason to keep any old armor.

The dog does not wear armor, but gets a special dog collar for defense.
There is only one dog collar per region and it CAN be acquired for free
in all cases, though is easier to buy in Gothica.


Alchemy formulas are the "spells" in SOE. They all require 2 different
ingredients to use, which are consumable. 

Alchemy spells level up the more you use them. The first levels only
require casting a few times to gain a level, 10 times for Level 1. This
is similar to the magic system in Secret of Mana, only the levels apply
to an individual spell, not a set of spells. There is no need to 
intentionally level up any spells. This is a long process, costly to 
both time and money. I indicate spots and amounts of ingredients to buy 
when you will need alchemy to win a boss battle.

Many of the spells can be ignored, but the following spells are likely
to be necessary somewhere in the game:

  Flash         - fire type spell, most useful early in the game
  Hardball      - rock spell, used to beat Thraxx
  Heal          - restores HP; restores more with level up
  Cure          - cures status ailments, similar to Essence item
  Levitate      - lifts boulders; game cannot progress without this spell
                  only spell that requires Mud Peppers
  Crush         - large fist crushes enemy; useful for destroying
                  Bone Buzzards in the desert and Great Pyramid
  Revealer      - reveals paths across gaps in the Pyramid and Great Hall
  Revive        - revives the dog, similar to Dog Biscuit item
  Lance         - fast attack spell, you can carry a lot, it is cheap
                  and reasonably powerful
  Super Heal    - restores all HP of both characters, regardless of the
                  level of the spell
  Barrier       - take no damage for the duration of the spell, duration
                  increases as spell level increases
  Miracle Cure  - like Cure, only restores some HP as well
  Call Up       - generates a Call Bead
  Energize      - charge up weapons for Level 3 attack really fast

These formulas are listed in the walkthrough as you encounter them. 
In the Extras/Secrets section there are details for the rest of the 
formulas if you desired to get them later.

As only nine formulas can be equipped at once, these obviously cannot all
be used. Flash and Hardball are mostly used at the first battle and for
a little while after. Crush is the main attack spell for the middle portion
of the game. It requires 1 bone and 1 limestone; you can stock up to 99 of
it, however you can only buy these two ingredients from Blimp in Crustacia,
which limits its usefulness in Gothica, at which point you should switch
to using Lance.


Ingredients are all over the field and I doubt that I have found most
of them. I will list useful ingredients that are in pots, jars, and chests,
or if they are next to useful ingredients which you should get anyway.

Many ingredients are only for non-critical spells. Certain formulas will 
be used less when you get a better one - e.g. Cure being replaced with
Miracle Cure, Heal being replaced by Super Heal.

High Use Ingredients
Keep a stock of these, as they will be used a lot:
  Water        - Heal, Levitate
  Roots        - Heal, Cure, Revive, Miracle Cure
  Oil          - Flash, Cure
  Crystal      - Hard Ball, Energize
  Wax          - Flash, Crush
  Vinegar      - Revealer, Miracle Cure
  Bone         - Revive, Barrier
  Limestone    - Crush, Barrier
  Ethanol      - Super Heal
  Acorn        - Lance, Super Heal
  Iron         - Lance, Energize

Buy Sparingly
Buy only when you need to use these more. Hard Ball and Flash will be
phased out later in the game, so there is no need to keep large stocks.
Clay is only needed early in the game, when you are using Hardball.
Ash is only briefly needed for Revealer. The first Mud Pepper is given
to you from Blimp; all of the ones you need in the volcano are found
in the volcano; you only need two more after that, but must buy five.

  Ash          - Revealer (only spell you will need that uses Ash)
  Clay         - Hard Ball
  Mud Pepper   - Levitate

Never Used or Rare
You may accumulate these by chance, but they won't get much use.

  Atlas Amulet - only required for Atlas
  Brimstone    - required for Fireball, Fire Power and Slow Burn
  Dry Ice      - required for Call Up, cannot buy
  Feather      - required for Fire Power (never used) and One-Up (Super
                 Heal is better)
  Grease       - required for Force Field (Barrier is better), Nitro, and
                 Reflect (never used)
  Gunpowder    - only required for Nitro
  Meteorite    - required for Call Up, cannot buy
  Mushroom     - only required for Corrosion

Boss Fights

The HP of bosses is listed in the walkthrough when you fight them. In
general, the strategies are simple: cast alchemy until it dies or use
charged up Horn Spear from afar. Good general practices include healing
up before a battle and keeping your HP above 50%.

Section 1: Lab

There is some intro then you gain control of the character.


Items: Bazooka
Alchemy: none

Beat the two Guardbots with the Bazooka. You cannot die - if your HP gets
to zero it resets to 30.

Section 2: Prehistoria

Crash Site

Items: 1x Petal, 1x Oil, 15 Talons
Alchemy: none

The rocket crashlands in the jungle. You find your dog has transformed
into a wolf-type creature. You also begin with the first "sword", the Bone

Collect the first petal, and the roots right next to it. Kill the Wimpy
Flowers, as they drop more petals sometimes. Go up and around to the left.
Collect the oil from the pot and the water and ash right next to it. Head
up to the right. Collect the 15 Talons from the pot. Navigate around to
the top of the screen. With full HP, head north.

Boss Fight: Raptors
HP: 40 (first three), 80 (last one)
Raptors jump out of a bush into the middle of the 4 bushes, then run
around until it dives back into a bush. Avoid standing in the middle as 
that is where they jump out. Stand out of the way to the right or left 
between the columns of shrubs and walk out and hit it after it jumps out.
The last one continues the same pattern, only faster and has more HP.
Use Petals to heal, though you will probably level up during the fight,
which restores HP.

If you die, the game continues since your dog saves you and you wake up
in the village.

Beat all 4 raptors and you get 50 Talons. Head north into the village.

Fire Eyes Village

Items: 1x Petal, 1x Nectar, 10x Clay, 19x Water, 7x Roots, 5x Ash, 2x Wax,
       48 Talons, Grass Vest, 2x Biscuit
Alchemy: Flash

If you beat the raptors, a man in the upper middle hut will give you a
Grass Vest to equip, so you can avoid buying one.  Collect all means of
treasure from around the village, including the hidden area to the upper
left by the armor shop.

Buy the Grass Vest (if you didn't get one) and Grass Hat and equip them.
Ignore the Vine Bracelet, as it 180 Talons for a Def of 1.

Go meet Fire Eyes/ Elizabeth and equip Flash spell. Head east.

Quicksand Fields

Items: 1x Petal, 1x Water, 2x Clay, 4x Crystals
Alchemy: none

Beat up some Flowers until you are Level 3 or 4, then head east.
Fall into the first pit, and you come out near a cave. Go in, talk to 
the man. Buy an Essence (or some other item) and he will give you the 
Jaguar Tooth Ring, which allows you to run with the A button. Leave and
go back into the pit. Run south while ignoring enemies.


Items: 2x Petal, 2x Crystals, 2x Clay, 6x Water, 1x Biscuit
Alchemy: Hardball

Walk down and go into the cave on the right. The man teaches you Hardball,
which you should equip. Buy 15x Oil and 5x Wax for Flash. Save your game,
then head out. Collect treasure as needed along the way, and head inside
the large bug looking cave. There is only one correct path to the top, as
the incorrect paths decay after you walk on them. Starting at the first 
fork and treating each intersection or fork as a separate spot: 

That is, move right at the first fork, up at the next intersection, etc.

Continue up into the next section and cross around the walkways until 
the upper level. Heal up and prepare for a boss fight in the next room.

You should probably have 5-6 Petals, 6-9 Flash, and 6-9 Hardball. It is
also helpful to be at least Level 4.

Boss Fight: Thraxx
HP: 600 (heart), 250 (claws)
Set the dog to fight in the [ACT.] menu. Let the dog pick off maggots while
you go after the heart. Maggots sometimes drop Petals, so collect any
remains. You should have something like 7 Flash and 7 Hardball. Hide on
the upper left or right side near the dead legs, so when it screams you
won't get tossed all the way down to the bottom of the map. Cast the
spells in rapid succession on the heart, before the damage appears. This
can be done up to two spells at a time. Each should do something like 30-50
damage, though sometimes more. Continue until you are out of ingredients.
Attack the ribcage until it opens, and attack the heart until it dies.

You are rewarded with 750 Talons and the Spider's Claw axe. Strong Heart
rewards you for saving him with ingredients or money if you are at max.

The axe is equipped, and you will never need the Bone Crusher again.
Head north out of the big bug.

Quicksand Fields 2

Items: 2x Crystals, 4x Wax, 5x Water, 4x Ash, 2x Clay, Mammoth Guard
Alchemy: none

Head along the upper ridge. Take the spur south to get a Mammoth Guard.
Head upwards and get the treasure in the hidden room at the top right.
Go right and take the ingredients. Continue west and chop through the 
grass with your new axe.

Fire Eyes Village 2

Items: 6x Call Beads, 1x Petal, 2x Nectar, Shell Hat, 6x Wax, 1x Oil, 
       Leather Collar, 1x Clay
Alchemy: Cure

Talk to Fire Eyes, she will give you 6x Call Beads. Head south of the 
village and go left through the brush to get to Strong Heart's hut.
He teaches the Cure formula. Talk to Strong Heart as the dog and he 
gives you a Leather Collar, if you do not already have one. 
Buy 15x Oil, 5x Wax, 20x Water and 25x Roots.

Head north of Fire Eyes Village. Watch for the plants which try to eat you
this time. The cave is an armor shop. Buy the next set of armor, sell the 
old stuff. Continue north.

Mammoth Graveyard

Items: Horn Spear
Alchemy: Heal

Head right then up and around. Dodge the spiders as they can poison you.
Continue up.

Boss Fight: Vipers
HP: 4x 125 (each), 250 (commander)
Four Vipers attack. They scatter, so it is easy to pick them off one by one.
They only have two real attacks, a tongue attack and rolling at you. Cast
Flash to knock one back, then attack it into a corner. Once all four are 
defeated, the leader comes down - lightly stronger, but the same
strategy applies.

You are rewarded with the Horned Spear. A man will teach you Heal.

Level up Horn Spear and Dog Attack
Go back to the area between the village and the quicksand fields. Get
the spear and the dog attack to Level 2 by beating Wimpy Flowers and
Skelesnails. You should be able to destroy most of the monsters in one
hit. Leave the area and return to reset the monsters.

Head north of the mammoth graveyard.

Volcano Crater Area

Items: Dino Skin, 1x Petal, 1x Roots, 1x Water
Alchemy: Levitate

Head up, climbing up the mountain. There is a cave with 3 raptors. Defeat
them and you get a Dino Skin armor. Keep going up until the geysers.
One of them is covered by grass. Cut away the grass and step on it to
get launched up. Walk into the left cave, then step on the next geyser.
This will launch you up to the Volcan Crater. The old man will teach
you the Levitate formula. Head down the mountain and go east. The cave
right before the swamp will sell items, so replenish your supply as

Swamp Area

Items: 2x Water, 1x Wax, 3x Biscuits (from one gourd), 1x Oil, 1x Roots,
       2x Clay, 1x Call Bead, 1x Nectar, 3x Water, 1x Mud Pepper
Alchemy: None

Avoid the enemies. On the lower platform, step on the lilypad
to pop the others out of the water and make a bridge. Head east.

Walk along the lower path, stepping on the lilypads. Head up and around
to the left and get the 3 Biscuits and kill the Frippo to reveal another
lilypad. Walk across it (back to where to started) and take the upper path
this time. Go up the stairs and bridge to the next platform. Head up to
the next wooden bridge and go up. Go left, get off the bridge and go up.
Kill one of the Frippos to reveal another lilypad and go up to the right.
Go up and around, collect the Call Bead and kill the Frippo to reveal the
last lilypad. Trek back around, cross back on the bridge and go up. Walk
across your new lilypad and prepare for the next boss.

Boss Fight: Salabog
HP: 2000
This large snake has two real attacks. He breathes Will-o-wisps and can
lunge. The Will-o-wisps follow you around and can attack. Avoid the breath
attack and lunges and hit him with a charged-up Horn Spear. Make sure you 
maintain your HP, and keep at it as enough spear attacks will kill him. 

This is not to say that Salabog cannot be beaten without a high powered
weapon, but as regular attacks would deal 15-25 damage, that would be
a long fight, and this is about speed.

Blimp gives you a Mud Pepper. Head back out the swamp to the boulder
before the Mammoth Graveyard.


Items: 1x Call Bead, 1x Clay, 3x Mud Pepper, 10x Water, 100 Talons,
       1x Petal, 1x Roots, 11x Ash, 2x Wax
Alchemy: none

Use Levitate to move the rock. Walk inside. Get the Call Bead to the
left in the hidden room. Go up. There are hoards of Vipers in here - 
just avoid them. Go up to the left and around platforms to find
a Mud Pepper. Use this to Levitate the first rock in your way.
Continue onward, walk up each platform and knock the boulder into the
lava by attacking. Cross the new 'bridge' and get the next Mud Pepper.
Cast Levitate on the boulder, walk up the platform and knock the rock
into the lava again. Cross and head up to the left into the next section.
Get the ash, head left, head straight down, get the water, and check
the hidden room to the right to find a man who can save your game or
change spells. Continue around until you find the Viper Commander. 
Defeat it to get the last Mud Pepper. Run back around to the boulder 
and use Levitate. Continue upwards.

Volcano Pipes

Items: 2x Wax, 2x Clay, 2x Oil
Alchemy: none

To open the switch, go in the left tube. Go up, left, up, left, left,
down, then step on the panel to open the door. The Viper is a 'good one'
and will save your game.

To get to the gate, go in the right tube. Go straight up into the pit.
Prepare for the next boss fight.

Boss Fight: Magmar
HP: 1000
Dodge his rolls and Fireballs as you charge up for an attack. Magmar
heals every time he dives back into the lava. Keep your HP up (above 60)
as he can easily do that much damage with a roll or Fireballs. Set the
dog to Level 2 attack and keep laying it on with charged attacks.

You are rewarded with 900 Talons. The reactor blows and you are thrown
out of the volcano.

Section 3: Antiquia


Items: 2x Nectar, 1x Clay, 2x Water, 1x Wax, 1x Ash
Alchemy: Crush

After washing up on shore and reorienting yourself, walk up the stairs
on the side and go onto the deck of the ship in the middle, which is
the armor shop. Exchange your Talons for Jewels. Buy the three pieces 
of armor but not the Spiky Collar, as you can get that later for free. 
Equip the new stuff and sell all of your old armor from Prehistoria. 

In the upper right cave, there is a cloaked man who offers to sell an 
Amulet of Annihilation for 10000 Jewels. If for some reason you buy it, 
he gives you the Chocobo's Egg as well, which you can get later in 
Ivor Tower. Head east. 

Go through the cave to the upper level. Go into the next cave to find Blimp.
He builds a bridge to cross the desert and teaches the Crush formula - 
equip it. Buy 5 Mud Peppers, and some Limestone and Wax to use Crush. 
Ensure that you have at least 264 Jewels, otherwise kill a few Mad Monks, 
at 75 Jewels each. Ignore the Rogues, as they only pay 10 Jewels each and 
have much more HP. Head north into the desert.


Items: none
Alchemy: none

Your HP decreases slowly in the desert, but is refilled when in an oasis.
Head north to the first oasis. The skeleton boatman will offer to ferry
you for an Amulet of Annihilation - which you probably don't have. No
matter, as you can just run across the desert. Head straight north until 
you reach Nobilia, running through an oasis to refill your HP. Avoid all 
enemies. They all have a hit-and-run style of attacking which makes it 
difficult to fight back.


Items: 2x Wax, 2x Call Beads, 1x Petal, various armors
Alchemy: none

In the marketplace, buy the three pieces of armor, but not the higher
level versions. To trade for the armors, you need some basic goods. 
At the north end of the market, 2nd booth from the left (woman in a white 
robe), buy 85 bags of rice. This is the cheapest rice, at 3 Jewels per bag.
Immediately to the left of that booth is the best deal on Spice. Trade the 
rice for 20 jars of Spice. Immediately left of the spice salesman, get a 
single Souvenir Spoon. Go down and buy 6 beads on the west side from a man 
just below the entrance for 1 Bag of Rice and 3 Jewels each. Trade for two 
Bottles of Perfume just down and right from where you entered Nobilia, 
across from the bead salesman. Find Tapestries from a woman in a white robe
in a booth with a bunch of coiled up rugs at the right side of the market 
and 3rd 'row' down. Head right one screen into the square and go down, then 
go into the house at the bottom left and continue through to the other side.
The booth on the left trades Jeweled Scarabs.

Stone Vest = 1 Jeweled Scarab = 1 Jar of Spice + 2 Bottles of Perfume
                              = 7 Jars of Spice = 28 Bags of Rice
                                                     = 84 Jewels
Obsidian Helm = 10 Jars of Spice = 40 Bags of Rice = 120 Jewels
Bronze Gauntlets = 1 Spoon = 2 Jars of Spice = 8 Bags of Rice = 24 Jewels
                 + 2 Tapestries = 6 Beads = 6 Bags of Rice + 18 Jewels
                                          = 36 Jewels

...for a grand total of 264 Jewels. Collect the armor at the three spots.
The gloves are from the trader at the most bottom right.
The helmet salesman is just up and left from the glove trader, and is the
right stall in a row of two. The armor salesman is the 2nd from the right
in a row of four near the top of the market.

Periodically there are notices that the market will close in X minutes,
so buy up the remaining artifacts in the time you have until the market
closes. The prices below are for the best deals.

Sunstone      = 1 Limestone Tablet + 5 Bags of Rice
              = 4 Jars of Spice + 2 Beads + 5 Bags of Rice
              = 23 Bags of Rice + 6 Jewels = 75 Jewels
Jade Disk     = 3 Chickens + 3 Beads
              = 3 Jar of Spice and 6 Bags of Rice + 3 Beads
              = 21 Bags of Rice + 9 Beads = 72 Jewels
Ruby Heart    = 1 Tapestry + 1 Jeweled Scarab + 1 Limestone Tablet
Moxa Stick    = 2 Chickens + 1 Jeweled Scarab + 12 Jars of Spice
Silver Sheath = 1 Golden Jackel + 10 Jars of Spice = 15 Jars of Spice
              = 60 Bags of Rice = 180 Jewels
Armor Polish  = Silver Sheath + 75 Jewels

After the market closes, you are selected to fight in the arena. Search
the hidden room to the right to find the best armor in Antiquia, that is,
the pots will contain whatever armor you don't have. If you don't have the
Bronze Armor, then it will have that, likewise for Stone Vest.

If you have Bronze Armor, Stone Vest, and Centurian Cape, then the pot
contains the Thug's Cloak, which you can get later. Likewise if you 
have all 3 helmets or gloves, then they contain 100 Jewels each.

Boss Fight: Vigor
HP: 1000
Piece of cake. Equip the good armor and he can barely hurt you. He is only
vulnerable in his back, but his moves are very predictable. He will move
slowly following the hero, then throw a boomerang, trident, or the crowd will
throw fruit at you. Then he speeds off, and that is your chance to throw
a Level 2 spear at his back. Don't try to sneak behind him when he is on
the sides, as you will just get rushed for damage, then he will roll off
and repeat from the other side.

You are rewarded with the Gladiator Sword and 1000 Jewels.

Back in the marketplace, gather any remaining artifacts. Trade the Silver
Sheath for the Armor Polish, as you will not be using a sword again, and
could buy it back in Ivor Tower if you wanted.

Head one screen above the market and cast Levitate on the boulder 
in the courtyard. Tiny will come and throw it in exchange for a Tapestry.

Get Amulets of Annihilation from the 2nd vendor from the left in the row 
of four. Refuse his first offer of 30 and he lowers his price. You must have 
over 30 Bags of Rice for him to lower his price. If you haggle below 15, 
then he never deals with you again for the rest of the game. 
As you will only need 3 Amulets of Annihilation (6 in the whole game), you
can optionally bargain him down to 3 Amulets for 1 Bag of Rice. You won't
ever need any more, though you will never be able to buy more if you did.

Leave Nobilia.

Desert 2

Items: Spiky Collar
Alchemy: none

Go out, trade an Amulet of Annihilation for a ride back. From that oasis 
(the first one when you come in from the south), go northeast to the
next oasis, then straight north until you find another oasis. Talk to the
man as the dog and he will give you Spiky Collar unless you already 
own one. Head straight south and leave the desert.

Crustacia 2-Horace's Camp

Items: 1x Call Bead, 200 Jewels, 5x Water, 3x Limestone, 3x Wax
Alchemy: Revive, Revealer, Escape

Talk to Blimp again, and he will teach you the Revive formula. Head west.
Cross through Crustacia, then head west. Switch to the dog and jump across
the broken bridge. Go up and bring the lift back across. Then head west.
Head to the upper of the two paths leading west. Talk to Horace and get
the Revealer formula from Madronius. Buy any ingredients for healing, 
mostly Roots, or possibly Ash for Revealer if you don't have any for some
reason; more than 10 Ash is plenty. Talk to Horace again and he will
mention that you can use his spells as a call bead. Leave Horace's Camp
to the east and head down to the lower path, heading west.

Quick Last Minute Levels
If your Horn Spear or Dog Attack is not level 3, beat up a few Mad Monks
outside the Hall of Colossia (north) until they are level 3.

Great Pyramid

Items: 7x Limestone, 1x Mushroom, 3x Call Beads, 2x Iron, 3x Petal, 
       3x Nectar, 4x Feathers, 3x Biscuit, 3x Essence, 3x Clay, 2x Wings,
       1x Grease, 1x Acorn, 2x Gunpowder, 2x Meteorites, 3x Ethanol, 
       5x Dry Ice, 3x Water, 1x Pixie Dust, 3x Bone, 2x Wax, 1x Root,
       3x Ash, 3x Vinegar, 1x Honey
Alchemy: none

Use Revealer to cross the invisible bridge. There is a panel outside of the
pyramid. Use the boy to stand on it, then switch to to the dog and walk
inside and jump across the water. Switch back to the boy. Walk up the pyramid
and go inside. The pyramid is somewhat of a maze. Follow the halls and
collect the treasure from the pots starting in the upper right of the map.
Destroy the Bone Buzzards with Crush and ignore the Son of Set or Mummy Cats, 
as they are slow. Head to the left side where there are two Sons of Set 
guard a stairway leading up. Go past them and head up.

Once outside, go down to get to the other entrance. Loot most of the
treasure (there are 15 pots in rows) with one more to the left then up. Head
up the middle path and down the stairs. 

Get the nectar if you need it, then switch to the dog and step on the upper 
left panel to open the gate. Switch back to the boy and go up to right to 
get dry ice, then back to the left. Stepping on the panel awakens the Stone
Cobra, so avoid it by walking next to the wall. Continue down stepping on 
the cross panels rather than the scarab panels. Cross the first bridge (it 
sinks afterwards) and get the treasure. Avoid the lower right pot as it 
awakens the Stone Cobra. Cross back and go to the next bridge. Switch to
the dog and go the the lower left panel to open the left gate. The upper
right panel opens the right gate, which contains a Petal and Biscuit, so
get those if you are low. Go through the left gate and up. Two Sons of
Anhur appear. Hit them with charged up Spear and get the Bronze Axe. 

Continue on and use the axe to break down the crumbly wall. In the upper 
right room of the map, a man will save your game. Head down and cross the 
bridge to the left. Break down the wall to free the dog. Head upstairs, 
then upstairs again. Switch to the dog and stand on one of the switches.
As the boy, stand on the other. The door will open and you will walk
inside to a boss fight.

Boss Fight: Rimsala
HP: 1200
The statues on the side cast Flash while the rotating jewel can hit
you for damage. Attack the rotating jewel with your a charged Horn Spear 
attack or with Level 3 dog attack. Watch your HP as Flash can do a fair bit 
of damage. If needed, you can run to the bottom of the screen and the Flash
spell will fade away before it touches you. Periodically the jewel will go 
to the top and stay put for a moment, allowing you to hit it.

You get one of the Diamond Eyes when you win.

Exit the pyramid, and head east. You can get the Escape formula at Horace's
Camp. Leave Horace's camp to the east. Head north across the pit using
Revealer and go into the Great Hall.

Hall of Colossia

Items: 2x Vinegar, 2x Nectar, 1x Call Bead, 10x Brimstone, 8x Ash,
       1x Wings, 9x Wax
Alchemy: none

This dungeon is much easier if you have two Wings from the Pyramid.

Go inside and head to the top. Use Revealer to show the paths on the
left and right sides. On the left path, step on the panel to open a 
door on the upper left. Go in the door.

Follow along the bottom wall and take the first path up, then
go right. Hit the switch to create the walkway. It disappears when you
cross. Run all the way up and around to the top left corner where there
is another panel. Step on it, then use a Wings to return you to the
entrance. If you don't have a Wings, then go around to the left of
where you first crossed where there is another switch. Hit it and it 
makes a walkway appear. Run to it as fast as you can, avoiding the 
Dancin Fools. This may take several tries. Cross, then use the Bronze 
Axe to break down the wall and get a Call Bead. Go back out to the main 
room and you will see the lower right room has been opened. 

From the main room again, go into the lower right room. There is a
miniboss - the Minitaur. It can stomp the ground to damage both 
characters. Either try to charge up and wait for it to come and run
at you then hit it or use spells to briefly stun it while you release
your charged up attacks. Beat it and another panel will appear 
opening the lower left room.

In the lower left room from the main room, there are three switches.
The order in which you hit them is important. You can leave the room
to reset the switches.

Right, middle, left to open the middle gate and get Nectar.
Right, left, middle to open the left gate and get Wings.
Left, middle, right to continue onward.

Middle, right, left to open the middle gate.
Middle, left, right blocks closes all gates.
Left, right, middle to open the left gate.

Get the Nectar and Wings if you need them, then continue onward.
Go on through, and prepare to run across the bridge to your right. 
You have to run the whole way and then some. After your
attack meter runs out, keep tapping A to get extra bursts of speed and
cross to the other side. If you fall through, you have to beat up
two Lime Slimes and try again. Head down and step on all of the panels. 
One of them opens the next door. Continue around and then go up and hit 
the switch. This will take you back to the main room. 
Go to the upper right door now.

Go up, hit the switch and cross. Go left and up, step on the panel
to open the gate. Go around and right and step on the other panel to
open another gate which gets you 6 parts Ash. Continue around and
cross the invisible bridge straight down. Keep going until you end
up in a big room with a Mad Monk. This one is stronger than the
others, but the strategy is the same. You get the Bronze Spear. Check
the lower left wall to find a hidden passage to get Fireball and
save. Use a Wings to get outside, then go back in and go to the
top with Bronze Spear equipped. If you have the Bronze Spear and
walk somewhere near the top center of the pit in the main room, you 
will automatically throw the spear to hit the switch on the other side
of the pit; this creates a bridge to the boss chamber.

Boss Fight: Megataur
HP: 2600
He casts some weak alchemy. Just use charged attacks and he will be
through in no time. Re-equip Horn Spear if you are still using
Bronze Spear.

You get 3000 Jewels and the other Diamond Eye. Leave, and you will
find that Horace's camp is empty. Head east towards Crustacia.


Items: 1x Ethanol, 1x Root
Alchemy: none

"Horace" will stop you and ask for the Diamond Eyes. You fight two
Rogues. Continue east. Cross the river again and bust through the
stone wall on the east side with the Bronze Axe. You can save
and buy Water, Ethanol, and Roots. Head over to the desert and
exchange an Amulet for a ride across. Go inside Nobilia where the
market is empty.

Boss Fights: Aegis
HP: 3800
Easy fight. All it can do is summon other monsters. Charge and 
attack with the Horn Spear when it doesn't have an emblem over
the main face. The dog should be able to clean up the little
monsters running around.

You win 1200 Jewels and Horace gives you the Staff of Life.

Nobilia 2

Items: none
Alchemy: none

While still in the market place you can optionally buy 20 Bottles 
of Perfume and 18 Beads, since they are cheaper here. 
These are needed to trade for goods in the Ivor Tower Market. 
Cross the desert again with your last Amulet; you will get more
soon enough.

Crustacia-Undiscovered Territory

Items: 3x Call Beads
Alchemy: none

Head west to Horace's camp. The water has drained out. Walk across
the board and enter the drained riverbed from the left side of the
new shore. Go up and drop down into the pit.

Go down the first screen. Walk down and use the teleporter on the
left. Go right, avoid the teleporter and go down to the next screen.
It loops around and go up, then use the teleporter. Go left, ignore
the teleporter and go up a screen. Go right one screen. Go down, and
use the first teleporter. Get the Call Beads and go left. Go up and
prepare for a boss.

For those of you using an emulator, you can disable the 'background'
layer which creates the darkness, allowing you to see the whole map.
On ZSNES, this would be the '1' key.

Boss Fight: Aquagoth
HP: 2500
Stand on the left side and throw a Lv.3 Horn Spear. You should be
out of the way of tentacles. Heal when he casts Lightning Storm.
9 or 10 hits from the Spear should take him out.

You get 5000 Jewels. A man lowers a basket and hauls you out.

Section 4: Gothica

Ivor Tower South

Items: 1x Atlas Medallion, 5x Ash, 1x Amulet of Annihilation,
       Aura Magic (Horace Call Bead Spell)
Alchemy: none

Drop the basket again and lift up the Oglin. Head north-west. Collect
the hidden treasures in the trees. 
Follow the underside of bottom left shrub the shrub; get the ash, then 
follow the left side up to get the Amulet of Annihilation. To the
left of the castle door, follow along the shrub to get Horace's Aura
magic. Head into the castle.

Ivor Tower

Items: 5x Acorn, 120 Gold Coins, 10x Ethanol, 2x Bone, 4x Brimstone,
       1x Mushroom, 4x Clay, 2x Petals, 6x Water, 4x Vinegar, 4x Nectar,
       3x Amulet of Annihilation, Gold Plated Vest, 1x Biscuit, 12x Ash,
       1x Limestone
Alchemy: Lance

In the marketplace, exchange Jewels for Gold Coins at the bottom middle
booth. At the small booth above and to the right the entrance, trade your
first Amulet of Annihilation for the ticket to the show. Get the Thug's 
Cloak from the vendor up and right of the currency exchange. Buy beads
directly from the man above the entrance. Get spice from the 3rd vendor
up in the alley for 8 Coins per jar and trade that for perfume.

Thug's Cloak   = 8 Bottles of Perfume + 6 Beads

Go to the right of the market and loot the house, and the right house
the next row up above that. Head up one screen, walk to the right, past
the house to the right of the inn. Go to the right of that house and up
behind the house to the right into the hidden room. Collect the items
including acorns, coins, and an Amulet of Annihilation. Inside that
house, Lance's house, go upstairs then immediately back down. Don't take
the treasure. As you go down, Lance will come upstairs, give you his 
treasure and teach you the Lance formula, which you should equip. 
You can also de-equip Revealer and Levitate. Buy 60 Iron and 60
Acorns from him as well. Get the rest of the chests in the last house
at the top and the hidden room behind it on the right. Head back down
to the marketplace.

Along the alley to the left of the market are more vendors. 
There is a man selling armor. Buy a Dragon Helmet and Magicians Ring, 
for 1450 Gold Coins and 2 Amulets of Annihilation. He also sells a Gold 
Plated Vest, which you already have. Buy up the remaining artifacts
from the other vendors. The woman who sells used artifacts (like the
Silver Sheath) also sells the Insect Incense

Silver Sheath  = 300 Coins
Insect Incense = 3 Bottles of Perfume + 3 Beads
Chocobo Egg    = 9 Bottles of Perfume + 9 Beads

Go up north of the alley and redeem your ticket to the exhibition show. 
You then get to have dinner with the Queen.

Ivor Tower Castle

Items: Queens Key
Alchemy: none

You get control of the dog in the airducts. Keep going left and up
until you get to a vent. Go up, then go outside to the left. Go inside
the top door and down the vent. Go right, up, right, up and the first
right, down then right, underneath the red pipes and up the vent into
a room with 3 bookcases. Go right two rooms and down the vent. Go left
and up and trace along the right wall to find the passage. Wind through
the maze area as stuff is flashing. Talk to the old lady and she gives
you a key. Backtrack out to the outside area. 

From the outside area,
take the upper door as you did before and go down the vent. Go right,
up, right, then down until you get to a vent. Go up, then walk right
to the vent hidden behind the bookcase. Go down the vent, go down,
all the way right, down, then follow the path under 4 purple pipes.
Take the vent up, go outside to the right, into the bottom door and take
the vent down. Go under the red pipes and out the vent. The dog runs
out and disrupts the banquet. You are thrown in jail.

Ivor Tower Prison-Sewers

Items: Iron Bracer, Defender Collar, 2x Call Beads, 1x Biscuit
Alchemy: none

The dog sneaks out of the cell. If you beat all of the monsters before 
freeing the hero, you win a Defender Collar, which is easier to buy 
later. Beat up the 2 Vipers, 2 Minitaurs, and Guardbot. Then open the
last cell to get into the sewers.

Follow left along the sewers. At the end, run to the right to get 
the Call Beads and Biscuit.

Leave the sewers and you are prompted to talk with the queen. 
On your way out, you notice the key from the dog. This allows you to
take all of the treasure from the east wing of the castle.

Ivor Tower Castle 2

Items: 1x Biscuit, 7x Feathers, 5x Mushrooms, 3x Water, 2x Wings,
       7x Ethanol, 15x Acorns, 9x Roots, 1x Brimstone, 7x Iron,
       1x Honey, 4x Ash, 3x Wax
Alchemy: none

Go down the stairs and to the right, through the banquet hall.
Collect all the treasure, including the 3 upstairs rooms to the
left and right. There is an old man in one of the rooms asking for
the key. Get all the treasure first, then give him the key and he
teaches you Fire Power. Head out east and leave into the maze.

Chess Maze

Items: none
Alchemy: none

Go into the maze, go up and work your way around to the bottom. Cast
Lance to get rid of the Skullclaws, as you have plenty of it, you can
easily get it to level 1 or 2 which will make it more useful later.

Boss Fight: Footknight
HP: 2500
It cannot do too much damage, but it is quick and difficult to hit.
As it approaches you, hit it with a charged up Horn Spear.

Beat it an a passage in the middle opens up. Go down to the falls
and save.

Dark Forest

Items: Wizard's Coin, Crusader Sword, Lance
Alchemy: none

Sort of a maze where each screen looks nearly the same. The path out
always has an owl-type creature in the tree. 


Boss Fight: Shape Lifter
HP: 700 each
The Bad Boy attacks you in 3 forms, each time with a respective spell,
Crush, Storm, and Nitro. Nitro can kill you, so keep your HP up. Use
level 3 Horn Spear attacks when he is coming at you, or use magic or 
weak attacks to stun or corner him and let the dog bite do most of the

You win the Crusader Sword afterwards. Head right into the forest,
again following the owls to get out.

From Shape Lifters bridge:
Wizards Coin - RURURRR

You enter into another clearing, with yet another boss.

Boss Fight: Timberdrake
HP: 2000
Charge attacks and cast spells as needed. A few hits should bring him

You receive the Lance weapon and 2000 Gold Coins.

Continue right into the sewers.

Ebon Keep Sewers

Items: none
Alchemy: None

Navigate through the sewers. There are barricades, so there is only
one path. You come out in a dungeon. Like Ivor Tower, release the
2 Raptors, 2 Spiders, and Guardbot. Defeat them and go through the
last gate to come out behind a house in Ebon Keep.

Ebon Keep

Items: Bazooka, 2x Honey, 3x Vinegar, 2x Limestone, 4x Brimstone,
       3x Feathers, 2x Acorns, Knight Basher, 1x Call Bead, 5x Oil,
       500 Gold Coins
Alchemy: Super Heal

Everything is closed, but the layout is the same as Ivor Tower. Go
into the inn/ weapon shop. Talk to Cecil, say you have heard of him,
and buy all of the armor: Shining Armor, Knights Helm, Dragons Claw, and
Defender Collar. Equip those and sell any old armor. Go behind the 
large house and get the Regrowth formula. Head up into the castle.

Go down the first stairs and collect the ingredients. Then heal up
and prepare for a difficult battle.

Boss Fight: Verminator
HP: 4000
All he does is cast spells and the dog cannot get close enough to attack.
Keep your HP high as his spells can do a fair bit of damage, 100-180.
Charge up Horn Spear, or if your Lance spell is Level 2 or 3, each cast
should do 150-200 damage. Use any of Fire Eyes Call Bead spells as
needed, as they can do 400+ damage. Keep it up until he dies.

You receive 6000 Gold Coins after the battle. Go inside the castle.
Tinker finds you and brings you to the queen. You can now summon her
as a Call Bead. Go right into Tinkers Tower. Buy another 50 each of
Acorns and Iron. Get the Knight Basher from the chest in the bottom

Head out and down the spiral stairs. Go left and up through the banquet
hall and left. Go down the first door and talk to the boy. If you guess
the marbles in his hand, then he gives you the Super Heal formula.
There is some pattern to it - I think it is related to odd or even numbers.
Probably pick the even number, though this may not hold true if he is
in the old man form. You can also de-equip Flash, Hardball, and Crush,
as you would not be needing those anymore.

Head back right and down from the banquet hall, then go left into the
sewers. Go through the sewer passage on the right, then backtrack until
you get outside.

Gomi's Tower

Items: 2x Ash, 1x Acorn, 2x Feathers
Alchemy: none

Go up the first platform, go up to the left platform. Walk on it until you
fall through. Go down to the bottom, then around to the right and go up
to the door elevator. Continue on to the top.

Boss Fight: Sterling
HP: 3200
Hide in the boxes and cast Lv 3 Lance until you win. If you get picked up,
you will be dropped to a lower level. Watch for Fireball spells - otherwise
not too difficult.

Gomi comes and teaches Lightning Storm then gives you a lift to Ivor Tower.

Ivor Tower Castle 3

Items: none
Alchemy: none

Go into the sewers and head up to get into the castle. Take the left door
up to the Throne room then left into the stage area.

Boss Fight: Mungola
HP: 5000
Same strategy as always, charge attacks and cast Lance as needed. He casts
weak attack spells - nothing to worry about.

The king gives you 10000 Gold Coins afterwards. Leave the castle due east
and cross the chessboard to Ebon Keep.

Ebon Keep 2

Items: none
Alchemy: none

Go up to Tinkers Tower, and go outside. Tinker gives you the flying

Section 5: Rocket Parts

Nobilia 3

Items: none
Alchemy: Barrier

Drop into Nobilia and go up into the palace. Horace teaches you Barrier,
which requires Bone and Limestone; you can buy more from Blimp, though
you probably have to change currency first.

Fire Eyes Village 3

Items: Spots Collar
Alchemy: Miracle Cure

Go talk to Fire Eyes. She will tell you to search the bugmuck and the
slopes. Go down and talk to Strong Heart again and he teaches you the
Miracle Cure formula. Talk to him as the dog and he gives you Spots
Collar, the best collar. Leave and go into the Bugmuck again.

Bugmuck 2

Items: Wheel
Alchemy: none

Run through the quicksand fields and avoid all enemies in the Bugmuck.
Head inside the big bug as you did at the beginning of the game.
Follow the path up to the top as before and prepare for a boss at the
same spot.

Boss Fight: Coleoptera
HP: 6000 (heart), appx 2000 (claws)
Similar to Thraxx, but stronger. The heart casts Storm and Flash which 
can do 100+ damage, so watch your HP and use Super Heal as needed. The
claws hit hard if you get too close, so stand on the side and use Lance
or Call Bead spells until you kill the heart.

You win 4000 talons and find the wheel.

Head back to your Flying Machine and go up to the swamp near the volcano.

Volcano Crater Area 2

Items: Gauge
Alchemy: none

Go up the geysers as though you were going to the volcano crater. You
wind up on the slopes by a pot containing the Gauge. Leave and go fly
over to Crustacia.


Items: 1x Call Bead, 1x Biscuit, 3x Ethanol, 1x wings, Diamond Eyes
Alchemy: none

Land by Crustacia. If you have under 20 Barrier uses, change your money
in Crustacia and buy some Bone and Limestone from Blimp. Equip the
Levitate spell, then head west to the pyramid. Go into the cave in the
dried up river bed and take the teleporter inside.

Get the Call Bead from the lower left pot. Cast Levitate on the rock
then have the dog stand on one of the panels while the hero stand on the
other. Go up into the chamber.

Step on the first teleporter. Then, step back onto the same teleporter
that you appeared on. Repeat this three times and you end up in the
middle. Get the Diamond Eyes then leave.

Head back to your Flying Machine and go to Tinker's Tower.

Section 6: Omnitopia

Omnitopia-Chess Maze

Items: Old Reliable, Protector Ring, Titanium Vest, 30x Particle Bombs,
       3x Meteorites, 30x Thunderballs, 2x Acorns, 4x Dry Ice, 1x Honey,
       30x Cryo Blasts, Laser Lance, Atom Smasher, Energy Core
Alchemy: Call Up

The rocket sets you in a junk yard. Go right and talk to the Guardbot.
Then go left then up to get out. Walk past the large reactors and Neo 
Greebles. Hit the right switch to receive the Neutron Blade. Ignore the 
other two containing the metal Raptor and Red Jelly Ball. Go up using
the light pillar.

Omnitopia is divided into 16 sectors. You start in A1 and have to get
to A4. Switch to the dog and go up the airlock to get outside. Many of
the bridges connecting the sectors are locked by Sphere Bots and guarded
by blue Rimsalas. Destroy the Rimsalas with charged up attacks, as you
cannot pass without destroying them. Until you collect better armor, be
advised as the Rimsalas can do serious damage to the hero, so let the
dog take point.

A1-A2 A3-A4
|  |: :
b1-B2 B3-B4
|  |     :
C1-C2 c3-C4
:     |  |

- or | indicates above ground connection
:      indicates below ground connection
lowercase letters indicate there is nothing at that section

As the dog, destroy the Sphere Bots connecting the following spots:
A1-A2, A3-A4, B2-C2, B3-B4, C1-C2, D1-D2, D2-D3, D3-D4, C4-D4

Go across from A1 to A2 and go down the elevator. At the vendor, change
your Talons and Jewels to Credits. Stock up on any needed ingredients,
probably Iron. Walk down into B2 and talk to one of the Mechadusters. It
will tell you a 3 color code (e.g. Red, Blue, Green) Go right and up
the elevator.

Leave B2 and walk down to C2. Turn on the switch on the radiator.

Leave C2 and walk left to C1. Go down and avoid the red heating units.
Get the Old Reliable helmet and head up and out to D1.

Walk over to D3 and go down into the Control Room. At the first console,
use the 3 color code to deactivate the alarm.
Red = 1
Blue = 2
Green = 3
If you forgot, you can keep trying it systematically until you get it.
Enter 2,3,2 to get the optional boss, Face.
Turn the Greenhouse lights to OFF. Turn the Storage Room lights to ON.

Leave and head to D4. Get the treasure boxes. Leave and go up to C4.

If you deactivated the alarm, continue up and get the Titanium Vest.
Go up the elevator and out to B4.

Go to B3. If the light is on, go back to D3 and turn it OFF. Otherwise
the Flowering Deaths will kill you and you cannot get through. With
the lights out, just walk through the greenhouse and get the 30 Cryo
Blasts for the Bazooka. Go up to A3.

Walk over to A4. Go down and talk to the professor. Get the Call Up
formula and buy the best armor from the console. Go up and get the
Laser Lance from the box. Then take the shuttle out and go to Tinkers

In Tinkers Tower, get Nitro formula and the Atom Smasher axe. Run
to the chess maze and go down the right stairway. Get the Energy Core.
Go back to your ship and return to Omnitopia.

Final Preparations

Items: None
Alchemy: Energize

The professor will give you the Energize formula, equip it. Make sure
you equip Energize, Barrier, Super Heal, and Lance to stun enemies
remotely. Put on Horn Spear and the best armor.

Leave A4 and walk to A1, as there is a new bridge from A2-A3. Walk past
the green reactors and take the elevator down to the junk yard.
Go down to the left and find the teleporter.

Boss Fight: Final
This is a series of battles. You are dropped into the middle of a room
where fans and speakers push you to the bottom of the room while bombs
drop from the sides.

The strategy is simple. Cast Energize and Barrier on both characters. 
Energize allows you to charge up for Level 3 attacks very fast and Barrier
protects you from taking any damage. Play as the dog for most of the fight
because the Level 3 attack can get multiple hits.

At the top of the screen, use the dog's long range attack to destroy all
eight of the speakers and fans. If you approach the speakers, they will
turn on and blow you down to the bottom of the screen unless you are
running. You can use to the dog to run up next to them and destroy them 
from either side or just shoot from the spot where you drop in. Hit the 
switches to start the "real" battle.

With the spells up do as much damage as possible and cast either spell 
again when it wears off. When Barrier is up, get in close and try to corner
enemies to ensure you hit them. However, be weary if Barrier wears off as
can take some serious damage. Get out of the way quickly and cast Barrier
again on both characters.

2x Raptors (Metal)
2x Raptors (Metal)
1x Death Spider
2x Raptors (Metal)
2x Death Spider
3x Eye of Rimsala
3x Death Spider
Bad Boy
Dark Toaster
2x Death Spider
Magmar (Metal)
Carltron's Robot

It appears that the number of Death Spiders changes, possibly depending
on level. The next enemy can appear even before you destroy all of  
the Death Spiders. The enemies tend to have progressively more HP, 
up to 30000 for Carltron's Robot.


Any additional things will be listed here. Most of them are not
included in the regular walkthrough because they are not worth the
time in getting them, or can be gotten later at your leisure.

Horace's Regenerate Magic
When in the Pyramid, after getting the Bronze Axe but before getting
back the dog, walk to the bottom right across the bridge by the gate
at the corner. Switch to the dog and step on the lower right panel, which
opens the gate in the lower right. Inside there is the Regenerate magic
for Horace when using a Call Bead. The spell has the same effect as
Pixie Dust, which you can buy.

Horace's Aura Magic
Immediately outside of Ivor Tower Castle, follow the left shrub into
the trees. This leads around to a chest containing the Aura magic.
The effect is similar to Barrier, as much as I can tell.

Oracle Bone
You get this in the Ivor Tower market for one Jeweled Scarab and
one Golden Jackel. This is most easily gotten if you acquire the
two trade goods after beating Aegis and before going into the
undiscovered territories. Later, beneath the chessboard when you are 
getting the energy core, a man will teach you two formulas instead 
of one: Stop and Force Field. Neither of these are particularly good.

One-Up formula
From the beginning of the dark forest at the waterfall, follow this


As the path diverges two screens from the waterfall, it is easiest to 
warp out with Wings and start again when continuing onward.
Super Heal is better anyway as it always heals both players and does
not require the costly Feathers.

Optional Boss: Face
In D3 section of Omnitopia, systematically enter codes on the alarm 
panel. The code might be random, since it was 2-3-2 for me, though
other guides by CColton and Yami Shuryou cite it as 2-2-2 and 3-1-3.
Two faces appear on the screens at the top and cast spells.
Use Barrier and Energize and attack the faces when they appear.
You get 30 Particle Bombs and 4000 Credits.

List of Alchemy Formulas

Name            Ingredients        Location
----            -----------        -----------
Flash           1 Wax, 2 Oil       Fire Eyes
Hardball        1 Crystal, 1 Clay  Cave in Bugmuck
Acid Rain       1 Ash, 3 Water     Hidden room in Quicksand Fields 2
Defend          1 Clay, 1 Ash      Hidden area in Fire Eyes Village
Cure            2 Root, 1 Oil      Strong Heart's hut
Heal            1 Root, 1 Water    Defeat Vipers
Levitate        1 Water,           Volcano Crater
                1 Mud Pepper
Speed           1 Wax, 2 Water     Hidden room inside Volcano
Crush           1 Limestone, 1 Wax Blimp's Cave in Crustacia
Sting           2 Water, 1 Vinegar Oasis in desert
Atlas           1 Ash,             Lower left house in Nobelia square
                1 Atlast Medallion 
Revive          3 Root, 1 Bone     Blimp's Cave after getting back Dog
Revealer        2 Ash, 1 Wax       Madronius
Escape          1 Wax, 1 Vinegar   Madronius after getting 1 Diamond Eye
Fireball        1 Brimstone, 2 Ash Secret area in Hall of Colossia
Drain           1 Ethanol, 2 Root  Cave on east side of river
Double Drain    2 Ethanol,         Cave on east side of river after
                2 Vinegar            beating Aegis
Lance           1 Iron, 1 Acorn    Lance's house in Ivor Tower
Corrosion       1 Mushroom,        Upper right area in Ivor Tower Sewers
                3 Water
Fire Power      1 Feather,         East wing of Ivor Tower Castle
                1 Brimstone
One Up          1 Feather, 1 Root  Dark Forest
Regrowth        1 Acorn, 2 Water   Hidden room behind large house in
                                     Ebon Keep
Super Heal      2 Ethanol, 1 Acorn Ebon Keep Castle
Slow Burn       1 Iron,            Shelf in Tinker's Tower
                1 Brimstone
Explosion       2 Ethanol, 1 Ash   Scroll in Tinker's Tower
Lightning Storm 1 Iron, 2 Ash      Defeat Sterling
Barrier         1 Limestone,       Nobilia Palace after getting Flying
                2 Bone               Machine
Miracle Cure    2 Root, 1 Vinegar  Strong Heart's hut after beating
Reflect         1 Grease, 1 Iron   Junkyard in Omnitopia
Call Up         1 Meteorite,       Professor in Omnitopia
                1 Dry Ice
Stop            2 Wax, 1 Crystal   Underneath Chess Maze
Force Field     1 Grease, 1 Iron   Underneath Chess Maze
Nitro           1 Gunpowder,       Scroll in Tinker's Tower after going
                2 Grease             to Omnitopia
Energize        1 Crystal, 1 Iron  Professor after getting Energy Core

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