Secret of Evermore FAQs and Walkthroughs

Erik Oliver's Walkthrough

Secret of Evermore Hints/Tips/Semi-Walkthrough
Comments and additions to Erik Oliver,

The Dog
     Even though you can not have a second human player, the dog and the
     human have different abilities, especially as the dog changes form in
     the different worlds of Evermore. If you are stuck try using the dog
     and the buttons. Also, the dog only powers up it's bark once, e.g.
     when you arrive in Antiqua from Prehistoria your dog attack will be at
     the level it was at in the previous world.
     As a whole the spells are not that essential to winning the game. I
     used the special Call Beads even less. Key spells are Heal, Barrier,
     and Cure.

     Unlike Secret of Mana (SOM), you need not worry about getting every
weapon to the maximum level. This is because when you get to a new world,
you will get a new weapon not a power-up. So, when you leave Prehistoria
and get to Antiqua for example the new sword completely completely replaces
the old sword and the level of the old sword is irrelevant.
Special Items
     The "special" items like the Jaguar Ring and the like are evidently
all simultaneously equipped.
Trade Goods
     Trade goods are relevant only twice in the game, in Antiqua and
Gothica. Trading will get you some important items but it is not really a
way to make money or very much fun either.
Alchemy Ingredients
     The dog is always right. It is just a matter of finding where it is
really pointing to.

The following section has some specific hints for points I found tricky,
there are spoilers.



This is the initial area of the game, start off my just building up. Key

   * Get the Jaguar Ring. (Two "screens" EAST of Fire Eye's Village by
     falling through the first "sinkhole" in the quicksand field.) This
     ring is used throughout the game to run.
   * Take you time through the "bug" maze, there is only one path it is
     just a matter of finding it, you need not leave to get through.
   * Defeat the boss. Some people find it easier to take off the arms
     before attacking the heart.
   * Get the acid rain spell on your way back to the village. (Off to the
     EAST on the path.)
   * After getting spells from Strong Heart, SOUTH and WEST of the village,
     head off to the NORTH.
   * Due north, will eventually get you to a Mammoth graveyard. You will
     have a "mini-boss" encounter here. I found using hard-ball and flash
     helpfull but not essential to beating these guys.
   * When you can go further north, you will get to a large area. There are
     two important areas.
        o The cave where you will fight some raptors to get a useful item.
        o The "blow-vents"/volcano area. Use the axe to clear off BOTH blow
          vents to lift you onto the volcano. Take the WEST vent to the
          ledge with the raptor. Take the WEST exit and then the vent UP on
          the ledge with the spider. You will be given the levitate
   * Now you will have to head off to the WEST towards the "marsh" maze.
     This maze is actually not very tricky and eventually you will get to
     the snake boss.
   * Let the dog handle the "flames" the snake spits and use your POWERED
     up SPEAR to defeat the snake. You'll now get a mud pepper to cast
   * Go back to the first screen NORTH of the village. There is a pea
     shaped rock here. Levitate it. Go in.
   * You will get mud-peppers AS you need them. Some tricky points, make
     sure to PUSH boulders off ledges to clear the way. Also, explore the
     "maze" of caverns carefully there is a spell hidden in there for you
     off to the side in a reasonably obvious place.
   * After you defeat the "silver" dino, you will get the final mudpepper
     you need to get into the Sewer Maze.
   * The sewer maze is easier when you realize you can run against the
        o Firstly, use the WESTERN entrance to find the room with the
          switch plate.
        o Then use the EASTERN enterance to go due NORTH into the boss
   * After beating the boss, you will be launched into Antiqua.


Anitqua consists of several separate stages and is "vaster" in a sense than

   * The first thing is that your dog and you are separate. It will turn up
     in due time, and look different.
   * Your first task is to cross the dessert to the EAST and NORTH. If you
     have 10,000 Jewels, you will be able to take a boat instead of having
     to walk. If you do need to walk, going due NORTH will get you there
     fastest. One of the oasises MAY have an alchemist that will give you a
     spell, I couldn't find it.
   * Inside Nobilia, you will find a VAST market. You intially have only 15
     minutes, roughly, to shop. Don't worry, you will have ample time after
     the gladiator boss to search out whatever you need. A full list of all
     of the items for trade is here.
   * When your 15 minutes runs out, save your game at the inn, and go over
     to the square. Your dog will choose you to fight the gladiator and
     once locked in the prison cell before the fight, you will have a
     chance to find better armor. (I.e. don't waste time trading unless you
     want to.)
   * Once you've beaten the gladiator, which you should use the spear for,
     and hit him in the back, your dog will rejoin your party. You can
     trade to get Amulet's of Annihilations and cross the dessert by
     "boat". You might want to get an extra one to come back more quickly
     as well.
   * "Hidden" spell, the Atlas spell is found in Nobilia inside the
     building with the "Wal-Mart" of goods guy, he is hiding on the EASTERN
     edge of the building near where you enter behind some boxes.
   * After crossing the dessert, walk through Crustacia to the WEST and
     SELECT the Dog and JUMP across the broken bridge. You can then bring a
     "elevator" basket back across the EASTERN bank and bring your
     character across.
   * You will find Horace eventually, through a pit, on this side of the
     bank, he will tell you about the Diamond Eyes and you can acquire the
     Revealer Spell here. The Revealer Spell is essential to this part of
     the game, much like Levitate was key in Prehistoria.
   * Do the pyramid first. You don't have to, but I think, based on the
     fact that you get the Axe there which is LESS powerfull than the
     Spear, that in some sense the programmers wanted you to go there
   * Location of the Pyramid: go back to the small pit which you fell into
     to reach Horace and his camp. Use revealer to find a bridge across,
     the pyramid is right there.
   * Pyramid
        o The boy will have to stand on a switch to let the dog into the
          center of the pyramid. The dog will then help open doors for the
          boy as he navigates the pyramid. You can switch back and forth
          and any time with SELECT.
        o The pyramid itself is not that complicated and just wandering
          around you should find everything you need. Such as the Axe after
          beating the mini-boss.
        o Once you rejoin your dog, you go up the FAR RIGHT stairs, then
          Left, Up, Right, Up, Left, Up, Left, and take the 2nd path Down,
          Right, Down, and up the stairs. There are two switches, position
          the boy on one, then SELECT and position dog on the other. You
          can then defeat the boss.
   * Hall of Collosia
        o This is actually one of the trickier parts of the game, the hall
          is located NORTH of the ravine just where you come out of
          Horace's camp. Use revealer to reach it.
        o Inside there are two areas to reach with Revealer to the north,
          including a save point.
        o Everything is fairly linear, you can first go to the NORTH WEST
          side room, finding a floor switch will let you get into the room
          to the SOUTH EAST corner of the main chamber.
        o After defeating that mini boss, the floor plate will open the
          SOUTH WEST.
        o Once you go through that area, you will have to cross a crumbling
          bridge. You can use the running ability of the Jaguar Ring to get
          across, just keep pressing A quickly and you should get across
          with ease.
        o Once you open those floor switches you can get the last large
          area of the Halls to the NORTH EAST of the main chamber. This is
          also fairly linear, there are some secret doors to floor-plate
          open, and one Revealer bridge that will lead you to the Spear
          mini-boss who I actually found easier than the Axe mini-boss.
        o There is an alchemist in the walls off the spear room. Enter the
          walls off to the WEST wall in the SOUTH. Head Down, Right, Up
          into a room. Out Left, Up, Right, Down, Left, and there is the
          alchemist in another room below the balcony.
        o Use wings or Escape to get back to the Main Chamber of the Halls,
          use the spear in the middle of the main chamber to reach the
   * Horace will have left the camp, when you try to follow him his robot
     dummy will "trick" (sic) your character into giving the eyes over. You
     will fight a mini-boss and be too late to rescue the eyes from his
   * Before going back to Nobilia, you can now crumble the various rock
     chunks around on this side of the river and immediately across the
     bank, this will get you an extra spell. (Use the axe to crumble the
   * In Nobilia, you will fight the dog statue. He is a bit tricky but once
     you figure out the timing of his vulnerability to attack it is a piece
     of cake.
   * Now you will head back towards Horace's camp and go north into the
     newly opened areas. There is an underground teleporter maze.
   * Aquamaze directions: Right, Down, Teleporter, Right, past a
     teleporter, Down, Right, Up, Teleporter, Left, past a teleporter, Up,
     Right, and exit the screen. Right Down, exit the screen. Room with a
     teleporter. A pot with a call bead. Left to the exit. Up and into the
     boss chamber.


After you beat the Aquamaze boss, you will end up coming up a well into

   * Go north into the village. The village is large but linear. To the
     EAST and UP, there are the regular shops. To the WEST and NORTH is a
     market. If you managed to save an Golden Jackel and Jeweled Scabard
     from Nobilia you can get a nice item in the market here.
   * Your immediate goal is to get into the show where your poodle-ized dog
     will eventually get dressed up like a pig and end up winning the pig
     race so you can get dinner with the fake-robot Queen.
   * After starting the dinner with the queen, you will switch to the dog
     automatically and have to navigate the poodle maze to escape from the
     clutches of the chef.
   * Directions: Left, Up, Left, Up to the wall. Left, and up a vent. Left,
     Up, Right, and take the vent. Right, Up, Right, Down, Right, Down,
     Right, vent. There is a vent hidden behind the bookcase, take it.
     Left, Down, Right Down, Right, Up, Right, Up, Right, vent. Right and
     to the exit. Down and into the vent. Up, Right, Up, Left, Down, Left,
     Down, the vent into the banquet.
   * There is also an old woman hidden in the maze who will give you a key
     that will later on let you get some nice stuff, if you want the key,
     find it for yourself and then return to the beginning and follow the
     path, or just look for the hidden vent which is really the important
     step of the directions.
   * After being thrown into the dungeon, defeat all the caged prisoners
     and then enter the sewer maze. Running is still possible but MORE
     difficult here.
   * There is an alchemy spell in the sewer maze and an exit. When you exit
     you will be given an assignment to go to the old castle and lower the
     drawbridge so the Queen can attack the people who stayed behind.
   * Go out to the chessboard by walking down from the queen's chamber,
     into the banquet hall, out to the EAST, and then all the way across to
     the EAST till you finally exit out to the outside. If you have the
     key, you can get lots of items around here. When you have all you
     want, give the key to the guy to get a new spell.
   * The chessboard maze is not really a maze in any sense. After a few
     quick dead ends, you will be at the center and fight a mini-boss and
     then go down into the center. You will see the energy core you will
     need later.
   * The forest is tricky. I don't have reliable directions for it but I do
     have one key piece of information, on the opening screen of the forest
     there is a Greeble in a tree. It is a small animal you can not affect
     but who is present on only some screens. Correct paths to the
     mini-boss have greebles. The mini boss is basically fighting yourself.
     You then navigate the other half of the forest.
   * You then come to the sewer maze -- less sewage -- in the old castle.
     Since you don't yet have the Axe, you can't knock down the barricades
     so you must navigate all the way to the dungeon.
   * Once in the dungeon, you will find several cells open them and the
     last one, LOWER RIGHT, has a teleporter to a symmetrical city to the
     one on the other side of the chessboard.
   * Walk into the center of the gates all the way and defeat the boss --
     challenging -- to get into the palace. You will meet the real queen
     and tinker.
   * You will be sent to defeat the bad queen -- via the dungeon to the
     sewer to visit Tinker's brother. Tinker's brother is up in the sky.
     You will have to fight a dragon -- challenging -- to get him to talk
     to you, the dragon will then fly you to fight the queen.
   * The queen is easy to fight since it is the puppets that defend the
     boss, just concentrate your damage on the boss itself and you will
     defeat the robot queen after it dies.
   * Go back to Tinker and he will give you the glider to go get equipment
     to rocket you to Omnitopia.
   * Items
        o Wheel/guage: Land at Fire Eye's village, go back through Bugamuck
          and the bug maze. Defeat the new bug boss -- same as before but
          more difficult. Then also go back to where you found the levitate
          spell, instead of landing in the molten lava you will find a pot
          with the item you need.
        o Diamond eyes: Land at Nobilia, get a spell, then land a
          Crustacia. Go across the bridge/elevator, and to the pyramid,
          there is a cave on the SOUTH side of that screen, you can go in
          and take a teleporter to an area. Use levitate to move a stone
          onto one switch. Position the boy on one and then SELECT to the
          dog onto the other. You can now go straight through the middle
          gate. Keep re-entering the teleporter you come out of to defeat
   * Return to Tinker and rocket to Omnitopia.


This is the smallest and final section of the game. You have three goals:
(1) get professor Ruffleberg, (2) get the energy core, (3) defeat the final

  1.  Professor Ruffleberg
        o First go through the junkyard area, in the NORTH CENTER, there is
          a white light it is an "elevator" to the jail level.
        o Go through the Jail level, free the prisoners, two are good
          combat experience, the third will give you the sword.
        o Go up to the "main level" of Omnitopia.
        o You are in room A1, Ruffleberg is in A4, there are important
          things littered throughout the area that make it undesireable to
          simply try and go across to Ruffleberg.
        o You will need to use the "airlocks" and the dog to defeat the
          laser-sentries outside the passages. Then go back in and defeat
          the spinning "tops" to make it through a passage.
        o Directions: Clear the path, procedure above, to the Right, into
          A2. Go down the hole in the center to the store computers, then
          down from there to the Inn. There is a teleporter to the left.
          You will be in B2. Clear the path Down and you will be in C2. Go
          into the round door. Turn on the fans. Take teleporter and clear
          to the left. Through the down hole. To the right, be carefull
          walking Down through the heat panels. You will come up in room
          D1. Right to D2. Right to D3. Go through the hole, deactivate the
          alarm -- 221 on my system, not clear how/if you should get the
          code -- and leave ALL the lights OFF. Go up to C3. Right to C4.
          Take the teleporter and go up and the teleporter into B4. Clear L
          to B3. Go into the greenhouse, down, and walk up to A3. Finally,
          clear Right to A4.
  2.  Energy Core
        o Go north into the room you were shoved into at the VERY start of
          the game, there is now a shuttle there, take it to Tinker's
          landing pad.
        o Go back to the Chessboard, there should be another opening there,
          pick up the energy core and head back to the station.
  3.  Final Boss
        o Stock up on Heal and Barrier, I used these two spells to survive
          the boss with no damage except when Barrier died which required
        o The boss is found by going back through the maze, just go due
          WEST to A1 this time.
        o Then down through the Jail level and back to the junkyard level,
          there is a computer in the SOUTH WEST corner, the computer will
          let you save and then you will go to the final battle.
        o This is CAKE! Once you win everything is on auto through the end.